Hi all,

I am relatively new to linux.

I have installed Smoothwall and added a few mods to the install, that's the only linux i've done.

Looking at turning a PC I have, 1Ghz Eden C3 processor into a web/mail/smb/ftp server. I have been able to do this successfully under Win XP. However, I really wish to move away from MS to Linux.

I have installed Suse 9.1 Pro on the system. However, I was just wondering if this was the best distro for me.

I have search the forums but have not been able to find anything to help me as to which distro would be preferable for this setup.

I would be grateful for any suggestion as to which distro to use.

I was going to use xmail for my email server. Has anyone had any experience with this? Good or bad, so I can see if this is best for me.

Kind Regards