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    Are you sure you still have sda1 and sda2?
    You wiped out the PDL partition. That is kind of writing to the disk, against my advice.
    Anyway, there is a very small chance that you can recover some important data by copying as jay suggested. And Windows will never reboot from that disk. In the end, after having tried all options for datarecovery and saving as much as you can somewhere else, you will have to reinstall.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jayd512 View Post
    Sadly, nothing is going to "Make you boot Windows", at least as far as I can see. Right now you're probably looking to want to look into just recovering data and doing a fresh install.
    so, if i mount the drive, what do i do after that? sorry im a total noobface i dunno what mounting does or what to do after that... is it like a command line type thing where i go CD "directory" "other directory"?

    P.S., @Charles, people around me were telling me to just delete it because they are really pissed off they cant get into their data... family that is... so i did what i could, from what i seen there was no way to get into windows files from rescue CD... thats probably because im a total noob... <sadface> ;..-(..

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    Hello? can anybody answer me? its been like 2 days, i need help now! anybody know what im supposed to do? can anybody walk me through it?

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    Sorry you've been waiting so long. I think part of the problem with not getting any help is because several people have already told you that this doesn't look good at all, and recovery is very unlikely. But if you want to persist, here we go.....
    I assume you have already created a mount point. :EDIT: Use sudo for each command or login as root, however your distro likes it.
    mkdir /mnt/sda1
    The above command creates a new directory called /mnt/sda1
    Now you have to understand the mount command.
    mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/sda1
    This command tells the OS, to mount the drive: the device is /dev/sda and the first partition is 1, the mount point (where you want your files) is /mnt/sda1
    So go ahead and mount the drive, then you can list the contents of the /mnt/sda1 to see if there is anything there.
    ls /mnt/sda1
    If you see anything there, then copy it to someplace safe.
    I would advise you to use a file browser like nautilus or konqueror to assist with this. Good Luck.
    See then man pages also
    man mkdir
    man mount
    man ls
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