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    Exclamation Why Do I have hardware issues with almost all Distros of Linux??

    My system:

    MSI P6N Platinum SLI Motherboard

    Intel Core 2 Duo OC'd from 1.8 to 3.0 Ghz

    2 one Gig sticks of Corssair DDR2 800

    2 XFX 7600 GT's (SLI)

    Two 160Gig Western Digital Hard Drives (both are SATA3)

    Diamond Xtreme Sound 7.1 (Sound Card)

    Distros I have had technical Issues with:

    Fedora Core 9 - Booted only text mode after installing any GLX driver.

    Fedora Core10 - Booted only text mode after installing any GLX driver.

    Zenwalk - Would not start X Server at all.

    Open Suse - Would only install via Raid on both drives. (Didn't even have Raid Enabled) (I have one drive with XP the other I have Linux on it.)

    Ubuntu 8.04 - Vanshising Window Bars (The bar with the Maximize, Minimize, and Close button.)

    Ubuntu 8.10 - Text mode only after Installing a GLX driver

    Kubuntu 8.04 - Ran Slower than Dirt. Also Text mode only after Installing GLX driver.

    Kubuntu 8.10 - Text mode only after Installing GLX driver.

    PcLinuxOs 2007 - Saw both Drives as running Windows XP on raid. (Raid Is not Enabled.)

    Linuxmint 6 - Would not boot Xserver Either.

    I am Currently running Xubuntu 8.04 with very little issue.

    Although a lot of my favorite 3-D games will not run correctly in almost all distros no matter what.

    Ubuntu 8.04 runs ok but just has some graphical issues but do I need to download one of the Special SLI GLX drivers from Nvidia to fix it? (I have SLI enabled with just a newer GLX driver.)

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    Is this a home built machine? Depending on specifics of the motherboard and controllers on the motherboard, you could be experiencing problems because of that.

    What kinds of problems are you talking about exactly? All graphical?
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    Yes this is personally built. I have mostly Just graphical issues ... KDE seems to run slower than dirt on my system as well. Maybe it could be my SLI setup? I don't know really, I havent gotten that much experience in Linux. Ubuntu either 8.04 or 8.10 only seems start messing up after I install a GLX driver ... thats why I was wondering since my motherboard is configured for SLI if I had to download the specially sanctioned SLI driver from Nvidia.

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    i think what i might do is download Ibex and pull my one graphics card out and set my motherboard for one card and see if that fixes my issue.

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    I'd try using the latest NVidia driver from their site first, their driver development is a bit behind kernel development so getting the latest driver combined with a not-the-latest kernel usually gives the best results.

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