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    Question Linux file logs Help please

    Hello everyone, I am a newcomer with Linux and I am a bit confused with certain question I posted here below, I am trying to figure out the right answers for this question and I have no clue which one matches with one another.

    maybe you one of you can lend me a helping hand with this questions

    which one should be matched with one another....I failed 3 times sending these questions to be graded and there is no precise answer defining their functions in the book I have.

    Thanks and God Bless all of you

    Match each Linux log file to its corresponding log content

    21. auth.log (1)messages logged by the syslog daemon

    22. daemon.lo (2)a file for debugging purposes

    23.debug (3) records stored by a service

    24.cron.lo (4) user authorizantions and other secure protocols

    25.syslog (5) logs of regular background jobs such as daily backups

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