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    [SOLVED] Create file using tar and ls commands

    Hi All
    I have a file aa.txt

    I want to tar it. I'm using
    tar -cvf aa.tar aa.txt

    There's only one .txt file in my folder. I want to ls my folder, get the file's name and create a tar with its name

    ls *.txt

    And I want not to give the tar file's name directly, but use the result of ls as tar file's name. It's name will be aa.txt.tar

    Thank you very much

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    Linux Guru bigtomrodney's Avatar
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    This is what springs to mind
    tar -cvf "$(ls *.txt).tar" "$(ls *.txt)"
    Though as soon as you have more than one file that's going to fail. It should give you some ideas though; Using $() to execute a command within a command is a very effective way of doing things quickly and simply. Using $() is considered the more modern and more correct equivalent to backticks ``

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    Wow you're great. This is what I want
    Thank you very much

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