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    > Running a bash file on machine boot up or user login

    I have a bash file, I want that

    1. whenever I reboot machine, this bash should run automatically.

    2. Whenever a specific user logs in, it should run automatically.

    In Short I want to know is there any place or folder (like Startup folder in Windows, ) where, if I put bash file, it will run automatically on rebooting machine.

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    What distribution are you using?

    Most distributions have a rc.local or similar file where you can put commands you want run on boot. The exact name and location varies from disto to distro, but it will be somewhere in /etc

    If you're using a graphical login, then you can put commands to be run on login in ~/.xinitrc if you're not using a graphical login, then you can put the commands in ~/.bashrc

    Most desktop envirnments have a sessions or startup manager you can use to add startup scripts/commands/programs as well.

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    So in short, no there is no such thing as a start-up folder in most GNU/Linux distros. Most of us use boot scripts. Just like Darkrose mentioned.

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