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    anonymous web surfing

    Not just with linux, but with other systems as well.

    There are alot of sites that say they will do this for you but how safe are they?
    Are they a one time deal, meaning do you have to go to them everytime you want to do the surfing or do they take over your browser and do it everytime you bring it up? If so then they get to spy on ya right?
    I would like to know alot more about how to do this.


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    Try TOR...

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    This is interesting, I'll look into it.

    As for web searches, instead of using google try one of the search engines that don't look at what you search at all, such as

    I'm not really the "paranoid type" (no offense), I could care less if what I'm looking at is being monitored but, I'll check it out and post if I find something
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    They work by providing a proxy so that all your requests seem to come from somewhere else. Some of them randomly change the IP they use for you as well.

    Are they truly anonymous? Not really; if they were then your pages wouldn't find you so if someone really wanted to, they could trace you.

    Can they spy on you? Of course; why should they be any different to anyone else on the internet?
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