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    Start up/shutdown

    I would like to run a command or script on every shutdown or startup, or maybe both, could someone point me in the right direction please?

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    rc.local is the customary place to put start-up scripts.
    Shutdown scripts work better if you call the shudown via /sbin/shutdown inside another script rather than trying to rewrite shutdown itself. I.E don't try to edit shutdown, write a script that contains the commands you want run and place /bin/shutdown at the end of it. (the very end) then call shutdown through the script.

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    Where is rc.local? If I create it, where do I put it?

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    It's located in /etc.

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    How you do this depends on the distro - and the runlevel you want it to run at.

    What distro are you using?
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    Sorry folks, I usually post in SUSE forums got out of the habit:
    I use openSUSE 11.1 (kde 3.5)

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