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    Is every linux distro the "same"?

    By the same, I mean, they all have the same commands and whatnot. Or is it like, some distros are "crippled", for example Slackware would have access to more commands than Mandrake, or vice versa? Thanks in advance.

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    Well, no. What you can do in slackware, you can do in mandrake as well. The main difference is the installer, tools to get hardware working, and "update-programs".

    For example, slackware is harder to install and maintain than mandrake (for some), but also does some people feel that mandrake is "bloat-ware".

    To say it out, no distro is bether than others, they just have different ways to get things done (what I mean, some people may not agree with me here)

    Anyway, I suggest you get hold on some distro's and try them out and find the one you like

    Good luck

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    The main thing to understand is what is a distro.

    First thing linux is really just the kernel. and since the core kernel is the same in all distros (minus a few fiddles, optimisations and poss diff versions shipped) the commands available are the same.

    A distro is a compiled set of software apps, tools and the linux kernel shipped together often with a customised look and feel. Each distro will do stuff to try and separate itself from the competition. e.g. redhat has rpms for managing install files for programs. other distros have there own versions or perhaps better methods for doing that.

    Most distros also ship with there own config tools which range dramatically in usability. Personally I think that the gui config tools are generally better in the distros aimed at newbies or windows users - Mandrake, Redhat and SUSE. but that it is of course just my opinion.

    If you want a round up of distros then check out the PC mags almost every month someone is doing a brief overview and comparison.
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