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Thread: using crontab

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    using crontab

    how can i use crontab to start automatically every time i boot my pc the xmms program or
    generally other programs?
    what should i do?
    please help.....

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    The crontab isn't for that. cron is for running programs regularly (at certain time periods), and has nothing with logins to do.
    There are other solutions, though:
    If you want a program to start at system boot (ie. not programs like XMMS, since X isn't even started by then), add a command for it to /etc/rc.d/rc.local.
    If you're using GNOME, check the "Save current setup" option in the logout dialog when you log out, and it will restart the applications you had running when you logged out the next time you log in again. Also, if you're using GNOME, check out the session preferences under your control panel. There you can specify what programs to start when you log in.
    If you're using KDE, I don't know. I don't use KDE.

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    Crontab is a scheduler thet execute programs at a certain time, you edit crontab files for a specific user with.

    crontab -e -u <username>
    Time format are as folllowing:

    # minute         The minute of the hour, 0-59
    # hour             The hour of the day, 0-23
    # monthday     The day of the month, 1-31
    # month          The month of the year, 1-12
    # weekday       The day of the week, 0-6, 0=Sunday
    # A script for execution 01&#58;05 every day
    05 01 * * 0,1,2,3,4,5,6 /usr/local/bin/


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