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Thread: Linux and GUIs

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    Quote Originally Posted by rokytnji View Post
    Wow, that kinda looks like what I saw 10-15 years ago when I first I introduced myself to Linux and Tvwm or Fvwm, of course they don't look like that anymore. ( I don't think)
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    (Edit: While i wrote this, the last post was that of jayd512's. Should've refreshed. Surprisingly my post is still enough of a response to all posts in between.)

    First of all, thanks a lot.

    Now, installing a WM but no DE, that's what i'm looking for!

    Now i understand that with X and only X, you can already have graphical applications, but without a WM they won't have borders, won't be reshape-able and replace-able. (Correct me if i'm wrong.)
    That also means that a WM is all i ever need.
    A tiling WM is greatly preferred. I think i might use `ratpoison'. But there's so many nice ones: Ion, wmii... I might simply use twm as well (seriously). But tiling is great and decreased mouse usage is one of my main goals with all this...

    Enough thread stealage. I hope at least others will benefit from this info too. :P

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