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    Always booting from hibernation

    I'm running Windows XP and Ubuntu on my laptop and it always takes a while for XP to boot up. I was wondering what the feasibility is of always hibernating XP instead of shutting down so that when I boot my computer and I choose XP instead of Linux, XP is ready to go. I would imagine that XP would be ready to go indefinitely since XP and Ubuntu are on separate partitions, so booting one wouldn't affect the hibernation state of the other, but I also imagine that I would have to shut down XP every once in a while to keep it healthy.

    Penny for your thoughts?

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    Don't know. A more conventional solution would be to put XP, say, on a virtual computer such as virtualbox. Then you'd boot up Linux; do a couple of mouse clicks to boot up XP in virtualbox. Then you could quickly switch back and forward between the Linux and XP; although XP would take time to boot initially, but you could do something in Linux meanwhile.

    You might even be able to hibernate the computer and bring it back up with XP still booted in the software computer. But I'm not sure you can do that.
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