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    Quote Originally Posted by reed9 View Post
    No, you should not have to reboot. You usually only have to reboot when the kernel is updated.

    Go into Synaptic package manager (Under Administration->System I think) and search for gnash and swfdec. Remove those if they are marked as installed.

    Are you able to view flash movies from other websites, like youtube?

    You are using Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope, right?
    many thanks.
    that seems to have fixed things up on the site.
    Now, RADEO....
    but that is for another post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pstock View Post
    this is serious.
    I've just installed Ubuntu 9.04 on my laptop to replace WindowsXP.
    all seems reasonably OK.
    But I can't get NPR radio and NYTimes Video. these are two of the main uses of this laptop.

    at NPR the NPR Player doesn't open when I click on a link

    at NYTimes, the video preview page doesn't show. all it shows is a big Play arrow or just a blank screen. and nothing plays

    can anyone suggest what I am missing?

    I think I have downloaded and installed the necessary bits. I've put every Flash, RealPlayer, etc. bit on.
    But the NPR audio doesn't launch like it used to under WXP.

    Good post. I appreciate it!

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