I'm definitely new to the world of Linux. I'm used to using Windows OSes but I would like to enter the Linux dimension because I've heard that Linux has many advantages over Windows. For example, Linux is more secure and allows more privacy than Windows. Also, Linux is more flexible in terms of drivers. In addition, Linux has a Live versions that does not need any non-volatile RAM.

I'm looking for a laptop that:

1. Is fully-compatible with the Linux Live CD and does not need any HDD or any non-volatile RAM.

2. Has a wireless internet card in it whose MAC address can be changed.

3. Is new and not used.

4. Compromises* among the following:
4a. Least expensive
4b. Has the most amount of volatile memory

*I say compromise because usually if the system is less expensive, it will have less memory. So I am looking for the least expensive with the most amount of memory [volatile memory] for the price I'm paying.

The reason I need so much volatile memory is because I don't plan to use any HDD or non-volatile RAM [other than a floppy disc] on this laptop. Linux Live CD doesn't need any non-volatile RAM and can boot from the CD.

In addition, will the Linux Live OS be compatible with a USB floppy drive? Also, can I use an additional CD or DVD ROM drive with the Linux Live in case I want to run applications from CD/DVD discs other than the Linux Live?

Also, how do I change the MAC address of my NIC using Linux Live?

Once again, I wish for the only non-volatile RAM device on my laptop to be the floppy.

I'm guessing I'll need for my laptop to have two built-in CD/DVD-ROM drives. Am I right?

Thanks a bunch,

Green Xenon