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    Lightbulb Linux On Mac OS 9?

    Im not sure if this is the right place to put this, but, I really don't have much time currently.

    at my school, I have access to three mac computers, running )S9 (the classic one)

    these macs are the ones that house the parts INSIDE the monitor, and therefore do not use a tower.

    I'm wondering, how can I eliminate os 9, and replace it with any linux distro?

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    Do you mean iMacs? Yes, you can install linux on an iMac. The most important thing is"How much RAM memory have they got?" My iMac had only 128Mb of RAM so I installed Xubuntu. You can't just install any version of Linux - you need to find a PPC version like Yellowdog or Debian. One big minus is that some things just won't work ...I seem to recollect that e.g. Flash will not work. Google: linux on an imac g3

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoraRyuuKami View Post
    I'm wondering, how can I eliminate os 9, and replace it with any linux distro?
    No different than any other Ubuntu install afaik-- just pop in a LiveCD and do yo thang =]

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    I don't have much experience with the Mac system, but I recall that the older versions work on a different CPU architecture than x86, for which most distro's are compiled by default. Most of them also have the PPC architecture port, but you need to make sure you run the right port of Linux on the right CPU, as the CPU won't know what to do with the instructions if you use the wrong port.

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    Been there I'm on that G3 iMac right now.
    I strongly suggest Debian, cause others either are too complicated [gentoo] or are impossible to find an older ISO to support the G3.
    You will have a couple problems w/ the xor.configuration, w/ the g3 iMac but I can help there ... or better yet Google "debian on a G3 imac Verbose" It works!
    I have had the very best luck w/ sarge using the net install cd, and let the apt sources go get upgraded stuff.
    Probs?? Drop me a note. RP

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