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    Question How to Port my WindowsXp project to Linux

    Hello Friends,

    I have been working on WindowsXP, now I want to work on Linux platform and so need your help.

    I want to change logon screen of OS. I want to build Custom GDM as I had made Custom GINA in WinXP and CP in Vista.
    I want to show maximum 3 user accounts(in Windows my CUSTOM GINA used to read usernames from Registries) and 1 Administrator account on logon GUI.

    I want to disable Mouse on Logon and only Keyboard should work on Logon.On Logon GUI I need to use IR Remote Control device to work for moving between textboxs of userid and pswd and entering pswd and then selecting OK.

    The user will login by IR Remote and only Administration has keyboard to login.

    After ADmin logins he has mouse and keyboard and sees all general OS environment.
    When User logins he will not see any OS shell there will be a application which will run.

    Please show me the direction how to proceed ahead and which distribution to use for it.I am thinking of trying openSUSE or Mandriva or Ubuntu.

    Please tell me that Distro which provides good and free documents for developer.

    If I use any of these distros then, Is the work to be done is same on all or not. eg. I want to change Login then for any Distros I will proceed in same way or there are different ways for doing the same thing in all Distros.

    Somebody please throw some light on it.


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    Linux uses X-Windows for its GUIs. You need to learn how to manipulate and handle devices such as your IR remote so as to integrate it with the X server. You will probably need to understand how to program with the X-Toolkit and the libraries used for the various window managers on Linux, such as Qt for KDE.
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    As GNU/Linux lives in the FreeSoftware ecosystem, the way to learn differs a little bit.
    You do have less central documentation but instead you learn more by copying. You often find your answer by looking at how others did similar things before you.

    For example, if I were to change a login screen, I would look for a login program that matches my tastes most closely. Next, I went on to pull and modify the source code.

    I don't know for other systems but on Debian GNU/Linux, if you want to modify stuff, you visit the regarding package page Debian -- Packages or pull the sources directly with APT HOWTO - Working with source packages.
    On the Debian package website you find also the names of the maintainer for any given package. This way, you can get in touch with the people who are likely to know most about a given program very easily on mailing lists.
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    Thanks to both of you for relpying and for providing valuable information...

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