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    2.2 kernel process/thread limits

    I'm looking to increase the file descriptor limits and process/thread limits. I've made the changes to limits.h, posix_types.h, types.h, limits.conf and login files....and I know I have to recompile the kernel for this to take affect, but do I really have to recompile glibc as well?

    Background: I'm running an informix instance that holds two production databases. I have 4 java brokers connecting to this machine from another server that brings in requests from users on the web. Whenever we do load testing or get an excessive amount of traffic, the instance freezes and doesn't allow any more connections. This forces us to bounce the instance causing an outage. I've increased the file-max and inode-max which seemed to help for a while.

    If anyone has run into a similar situation or has any information on these limits, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
    Scott Hamilton

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    Have you checked so that it actually is a resource outage? It's pretty pointless to remedy something if you don't know that it actually is the cause.
    Anyway, to actually answer your question: You don't have to change anything in glibc about process and thread maximae. You do, on the other hand, have tomake glibc aware that there can be more than 1024 file descriptors per process. The main thing to change, I guess, is the FD_SETSIZE constant, but I don't know if you need to change anything more than that.

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