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    File Share Security Question ...

    Hi everyone. Been messing around with Ubuntu 9.1 for the last few weeks and am loving it so far. Been trying to get in the terminal and learn a little something, to no avail. LOL I have been googling and searching the site today for info on networking. My Linux box is a desktop, with my main HDD mounted with music, and movies and some other stuff. My intent is to network the two laptops in the house (Windows XP and Windows 7) to the Linux box so I can listen to my music and watch movies when not in the office. I have found some info, mostly involving Samba, and plan to install Samba tonight and fiddle with it. My issue was with security. I have read a few posts and they talk about the fact that if you share files in this manner, the set up is not secure at all. Is this something i should really be concerned about? If the folders I share only have my music and videos in them, can someone use those "access points" (for lack of a better term) to get into my network and cause a little havoc? Thanks in advance for any info you can give me on this matter.


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    Samba shares are no more/less secure than Windows filesharing.

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    Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I don't worry about someone stealing my latest Will Smith CD, but if someone could use that to access the cookies on my PC and other things, then that definitely throws up a red flag for me. Thanks for the info though HROAdmin26. I appreciate it.

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    Without getting into technical details, etc. - any "network service" (which filesharing is) running on a machine provides a doorway into some part of the OS. The more doors there are, the more options there are to exploit them.

    Windows filesharing is enabled by default on every Windows machine (ADMIN$, C$, etc.) and would have to be manually disabled.

    Are you too paranoid to not use Windows filesharing? Is yes, then don't use Samba.

    Do you share this "network" with hundreds of other users? If you're behind a router and don't have an unsecured wireless access point, I would not have a lot of concern someone is going to go after your 'stash.

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    As long as the stash is safe, I'm good. LOL Thank you so much for the info HRO. That was exactly what I was looking for. Now, to download Samba and see how bad I can mess things up... LMAO Thanks again.

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