I am trying to get transparent menus in Linux Mint 8 LXDE using Compiz.

I have enabled opacity in the CompizConfig Settings Manager and entered Window specific settings:

Tooltip | Menu | PopupMenu | DropdownMenu

and I've even taken the window value down to about 60

However I am not getting any opacity in any of the menus

I have also ticked "opacify" and under the "Misc. Options" tab entered the same windows in "Window Match", and set active and passive opacity to 90 and 10 respectively.

Any ideas where I'm going wrong? I've installed everything I can find to do with Compiz in Synaptic so I'm fairly certain all dependencies are installed.

One other point which (may or may not be relevant) - when I enter "CCSM" in the run prompt I get error message: Failed to execute child process "CCSM" (No such file or directory)