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    Questions on network and routers

    I am planning to 'upgrade' my LAN. Presently,I have 2 pcs using RH 8 Linux connected by a cross cable.
    I am getting an ethernet adsl modem and router to enable internet surfing and sharing.
    The steps i have in mind goes as follows:
    a) Get a 4 port router
    b) Connect the 2 pcs from their respective ethernet cards to the router ports via RJ-45 cable
    c) Connect the ethernet modem to the router using RJ-45 cable
    d) Connect the telephone line from the eth modem to the wall

    Are the steps and the hardware correct ?

    Also, do all kinds of routers work on linux? The ones I am planning to get are US robotics, SMC, Linksys and Netgear Web Safer RP114RU. All are 4 port routers.

    And all ethernet adsl modems work on linux,regardless of brand/model as long as the ethernet card is supported right?

    Please reply quickly if you can....thanks!

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    Are the steps and the hardware correct ?
    More or less... Note, however, that cross-over cable is also RJ45, so you'll have to explicitly buy straight cable. The modem might require cross-over cable, though. You'll have to check that with the modem manufacturer.
    As long as the router routes IP traffic, it's compatible with Linux.
    I would recommend using one of the Linux systems as router, instead, though. That way you won't have to buy a hardware router, so it's much more cost efficient. Just slam in another NIC in it and configure your netfilter.

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    That Should work fine...remember though to enable dhcp on your linux boxes, because your router acts dhcp-server also?!. Read a little about your router before you by it, so you can, if it is a wirelsess router get drivers for your linux boxes if you want to but wirelesscards in them.

    Otherwise it looks good...



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    true, you can make your adsl modem work as an dhcp server if you have one from alcatel. If anyone is interested, ask me and ill dig it up.

    goog luck

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