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you can't just write to video memory any longer with today's video hardware unless you want to be stuck in VGA resolution at best (640x480).
That's not completely accurate. The DRM interface 'is a framework for allowing direct access to graphics hardware under the X Window System'. Now, that doesn't mean any userspace application can write willy-nilly to video memory or to other video hardware. However, under certain controlled circumstances, in concert with the right kernel module(s) and X libraries, X will orchestrate direct access to low-level video hardware. This should provide speeds that are comparable to any other graphics rendering of a similar category (ie. doesn't include advanced rendering capabilities like 3D computations, texture mapping, etc). Obviously, this applies at the X server end of the system, so rendering across a network is still limited by the network-related layers. But, X is efficient there, too. In many cases, a small command (in terms of message size) sent to an X server may result in significant work done by the server.

--- rod.