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    cross-compiling to target system?


    i have synology nas box DS710+ that has intel atom processor inside.
    i've installed ubuntu under virtual box, downloaded needed toolchain for x86 processors, and decided to cross-compile openvpn

    i've started from compiling lzo library, but first question that appeared in my head - how i have to move all compiled binaries to my synology?

    1. configure - okay
    2. make - okay
    3. make install - this is not necessary?

    will --prefix parameter helps me? or do i have to use chroot? cause there is a plenty amount of files that i need to move to my synology.

    please help me, i've spent a lot of time trying to figure out this stuff, but no success

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    Most NAS boxes have some means to update the system image from a downloaded file. So, you need to get the documentation for the box from the manufacturer - they are required to make that available since they are bound by the GPL licenses of the operating system and applications they use on it.

    FWIW, make install is to install an image on a host system. That's not what you want to do. I run a variety of Linux systems on embedded boards (ARM processors mostly) and they all provide detailed instructions how to install a new OS image, which works very well for me. My Buffalo NAS boxes also run Linux, but I haven't got into tweaking them as yet...
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    thanks for reply.

    yeah, they do have GPL sources, but not the last one that i have. thats why i've decided to cross-compile on my ubuntu, then just copy all the binaries to NAS, so they could work there..

    but dunno how to make it the best way

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