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    Set up a Redhat server so that it is exactly the same with another server

    I am new to Linux so I would really appreciate all the help and any recommendation to point me to the right direction for this problem.
    I have a linux server that is running on Redhat 4 with several applications such as coldfusion, postgres, phppgadmin, samba and apache. I would like to update the server to Redhat 5, but I am afraid after the upgrade, some of the applications might not work correctly, so I want to test it in another server first.
    I am thinking of create another server that just the same as the one I have now so that when I do the upgrade, if I run into any bug or drivers missing, I can fix it and prepare before hand for the real server.
    So can somebody please show me some direction on how I am going to create a mirror server of the current server I am having now. I don't know where should I start.
    Thank you for all the help!!

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    Hello and welcome to the forums!

    Clonezilla can clone your current server to another:


    They also have a liveCD version if you'd rather use it.

    Other utilities that might work for the task at hand would include FSArchiver, PartClone, and PartImage.

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    Thank you so much for the quicl reply. I will try it out!

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