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Thread: rsync problem

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    rsync problem


    I have a little problem i do rsync for backing up files.
    Here is my rsync command

    rsync -r -u --delete --ignore-existing --exclude-from=/root/excludes-v -v --progress --compress /mnt/* /backup1/server1/

    this backs up fine if i am doing a full backup. THough i started to notice after i did an incemental backup, the files where not updating.

    Example: if i have a jason.txt that is 1MB and then its backed up a few days later jason.txt then grows to 4MB with some new info. When i run the backup again (rsync command) the 1MB will just still be in the backup. It will not compare file size. My questions is if i use the -u (update) shouldn't it update that file or do i need to use the --size-only ?
    basically making the command look like

    rsync -r --size-only --delete --ignore-existing --exclude-from=/root/excludes-v -v --progress --compress /mnt/* /backup1/server1/

    Any help would be great! :o

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    sorry for the late reply...but I just joined the forum...
    the following command backs up my filesystem just fine , mebbe you can try it and let me know the results

    /usr/bin/rsync --size-only -az -l --delete --progress --force -v \
    --timeout=600 --exclude-from=<exclude file>


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