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    ill read up on it thanks for your time

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    I think the Asus EEEPC had Xandros as the Linux distribution. Check this site, is this the computer you have?

    Asus Eee PC - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Eee PC Tips: A crash course in Linux

    If you don't get to the Desktop, what exactly do you see when you try to boot?

    With no CD drive, if you have access to another computer even with windows on it, you can create a bootable USB/Flash drive to install Linux. You will need to decide which distribution you want and you can get more info at PendriveLinux, link below:

    Boot and run Linux from a USB flash memory stick | USB Pen Drive Linux

    There is a link on the page above to USB Linux installation tutorials also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by atckeith1022 View Post
    not very computer savi, and very much appriciate the time you are taking to help me, first by pendrive you are refering to a flash drive right? second, im in experimental phase, can you help me to find what is best suited for this eeepc, something easy for a beginner and something i can play around with and learn about linux.
    I'm not very experienced as well. I'm not even sure about the differences of pendrives and flash drives. I think that pen drives are the somewhat bigger ones, that you plug on the USB plugs... while flash disks are the most "chip-like" that you plug into very tiny slits... I'm referring to the first one, but I think it may work for the second as well... I'm not sure though....

    A few months ago I was actually experimenting with an eeepc of a friend, but I don't really know much. All I remember was that xandros wasn't all that bad (well, at least it wasn't so awful that I'd have something bad to say about it just by using it a few minutes, looking how an eeepc is, don't take it as a recommendation per se); some ubuntu variant whose name I don't remember (there are more than one) seemed to hang sometimes... I guess that either puppy linux, feather linux or DSL linux (some of the linuces that are somewhat famous for being tiny) was quite good, albeit I'm not sure I've managed to install it properly. And I also remember that for an eeepc, some people say you'll not want to have a swap partition, no matter which distribution you choose.

    I'd be glad to help more, but I think you'd find more useful help and information with users that actually have eeepcs, because that's basically everything I know regarding linux on eeepcs.

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    I had Xandros on my EEEPC. Whenever it borked. I'd just do a F9 restore.

    F9 Restore [EeeUser Eee PC Wiki]
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    i tried F9 and got no response, i get to a screen that is gray, says ASUS on the left, EeePC on the right and under EeePC says Welcome, Jane, Password: then i can type a password and click log in.

    that is my computer on the enclopedia, just says model 2G Surf on the bottum of the computer

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    turns out i was pushing F9 at the wrong time, i got to reset to factory defults, now i am surfing the web on my EeePC thanks for the help, if anyone asks this queshtion again tell them to wait a second before they push and hold F9....

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