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    [SOLVED] asus eeepc: password recovery

    sorry this might be a total waste of all of your guys time but, this guy gave me a free laptop, thats right some dude just gave me this laptop said he got a new one and no longer needs this ancient pos. well i aint so rich, so I take it home turns out its a eee pc asus with linux. there isnt even a cd drive on this computer, i am currently using my wife's computer trying to learn about linux, never used this OS before, I know nothing past the general windows xp user. well i start it up and there is a username and password, how do i reset this password? i read all about this GRUB and command prompts but i dunno even know how to get to command promts, and i dont know anyone smart. and i cant use a password recovery disc cause there is no cd rom. am i SOL?


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    I had just replied to that post, then I lost the message because the thread was moved or something. :-/

    Well, anyway... if it's ubuntu that you have there, you could try opening a terminal window and typing:

    sudo passwd usernameoftheuserwhosepasswordyouwanttochange <enter>

    and typing the desired password twice, as oriented.

    But if it's not ubuntu, it's likely that the safety configuration won't allow you to do that, and, as far as I know, you'll have to reinstall the entire OS, or it will be unmanageable, at least. Or you could ask the guy who gave it to you for the root password, perhaps.

    But it may not be a bad idea to reinstall if it's Xandros, which comes by default on eeepcs. Many people do not like it a lot, and they often change it for some other distribution.

    But in that case, you should look for versions of distributions that are specially tweaked for eeepcs, not just the normal versions. More often than not, these would be too heavy and too big to an eeepc.

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    thanks for replying to me dsc, but this is how much of a rookie i am, i dont know how to get to the terminal... and only way i know how to reinstall an OS is with a cd drive, and this computer doesnt have one

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    oh and no can do, only met the guy in passing and he didnt say anything about a password, i figure now that i got this free laptop i can play around with linux and educate myself i have heard good things about linux, however i cant get past the log in screen to even see what linux looks like.

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    Ops, I didn't pay attention to the part you said you don't know how to get to the command prompts. It may change quite a bit depending on the user interface (there are various possible overall "looks" for the desktop experience), but somewhere you should find a "start menu" like menu, with many programs, and, somewhere inside it, you should find a "terminal emulator" of some sort. They can have different names, depending on the desktop environment, the main ones, the most likely to find are konsole and gterm I guess.

    If you're having a hard time finding them, you might try alt + f2, which probably will bring a "run" dialog, and there you type "konsole" or "gterm". Could try also "xterm".

    I can't really guide you too much on that because the desktop environment I use is quite customized and I only remember these basics of the three main ones (and I use neither of these), which should apply to at least the main two or three of them.

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    well option 2 how do i install ubuntu without a cd rom? and where do i find one that would fit my asus which by the way is the smallest computer i have ever seen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the dsc View Post
    Ops, I didn't pay attention to the part you said you don't know how to get to the command prompts. It may change quite a bit depending on the user interface (there are various possible overall "looks" for the desktop experience), but somewhere you should find a "start menu" like menu

    i cant get to the desktop asks me for a password before i ever get to the desktop

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    Ops 2, not even the log in screen...

    That makes it much more complicated. You'd have to have at least one password you know to try to change the others (which wouldn't be very likely anyway).

    Well, that means you have to reinstall the OS entirely, I guess.

    There is an windows application whose name I don't remember right now, but with that you'll kind of burn a linux-install CD on your pendrive (which will remain perfectly rewritable after that). You can actually choose from a few distributions, which one you want to install, or even download the iso of the one you want, and tell the program to "burn" it on the pendrive.

    I'll see if I find this program's name.

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    not very computer savi, and very much appriciate the time you are taking to help me, first by pendrive you are refering to a flash drive right? second, im in experimental phase, can you help me to find what is best suited for this eeepc, something easy for a beginner and something i can play around with and learn about linux.

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    Here it is:

    UNetbootin - Homepage and Downloads

    But before installing, I think you should take a while to read about which linux distro is the most recomended for an eeepc, and perhaps which seems better to you, having in mind your only-windows background.

    I don't think it's that much of a big deal, but maybe you should actually just try linux from a live cd or virtual machine before installing on the eeepc.

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