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    Smile How to use mv command in Putty

    Hi all,

    Since its my first time the using command line in Putty I am having some difficulties. Maybe someone could help me out or point me in the right direction.

    Right know I made a file name gorilla.tar.gz in public_html/monkeys/
    But i wanna put it in public_html/zoo/ and than extract it there.

    when I do mv gorilla.tar.gz public_htm/zoo/
    i get an error message.

    So in a nutshell. On the same server i wanna move a file from one directory (monkeys) to another (zoo)

    Oh I also used PWD to see where i am, but i haven't no clue what parts to use in the MV command.

    Hope to hear from some guru's

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    Linux Engineer rcgreen's Avatar
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    That's mv <present location> <new location>
    Do you have write permission in the new location?
    What is the exact error message?

    I'm assuming you are working at a command shell,
    through telnet or ssh. Ftp commands are different.

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    Wow thx for your lightning speed reponse.
    I am pretty sure i have writing permission in the new folder. But the problem I am facing is that I dont know what path to include. If I type "pwd" I get a wickedly long path /www/d/a/v/

    I must say i just started today with this commandline stuf, but I'ts hard to find the the proper examples. Is there maybe some guide with working examples instead of the riddled stuff i get when typing "man"

    I also tried this guide which i am not allowed to link to?: Oh Learning Journal - Backup / Move a Website I that explain how to make a tarbal, which works in a way but i always get the error:
    (tar: getgrgid(80) failed: Permission denied)

    Anyways i used this line which i found somewhere:
    cp -av * ../newdir : Copies all files and directories recurrsively in the current directory INTO newdir

    so I type in when I am standing in the target directory (monkeys):
    cp -av * /public_html/zoo

    resulting in this error: usage: cp [-R [-H | -L | -P]] [-f | -i | -n] [-alpv] source_file target_file
    cp [-R [-H | -L | -P]] [-f | -i | -n] [-alpv] source_file ... target_directory

    This is really mind goggling for me

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    Well it seems i found a workaround, but please inform me if this was the right way.
    The goal was to copy all files and folders from one directory(gorilla) into another (zoo). This is what i did and it seems it worked:

    Logged in to PuTTy and than went to public_html by using: cd public_html
    I than typed the following:
    cp -rp ~/public_html/gorilla/* ~/public_html/zoo/

    This seemed to have worked, i added the ~ myself because I had difficulties knowing the stuff to put in infront and without out it i kept getting errors like:
    no such file or directory.

    Would love to hear from you guys since this forum is named after me

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    Linux Engineer rcgreen's Avatar
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    The ~ symbol is shorthand for the user's home directory,
    so if it worked, yes that's good. It's easier than typing that
    long path.

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    Thanks alot m8 for spending time on my post. Maybe it even helps someone else, would be nice

    Btw i saw alot of examples on the internet with indeed /home/... in it, but when in did pwd, i didn't see a home folder. Maybe thats because I am on a shared host (but that's just a wild uneducated guess). Atleast i now know how to deal with it. Thanks for confirming this,

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    You could also have done

    mv ~/public_html/gorilla/* ~/public_html/zoo/
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    Also helpful rather than writing out long directory names is to utilize tab completion. Incredibly useful feature of BASH and other shells.

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    Oh nice, Thx guys really appreciate it. Soon ill be a command line guru

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