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    Thanks but I was looking for command line-based editors.

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    Other editors

    From the other side of the ball park - there are X2 and THE both of which are pretty nearly completely programmable, including tying any cntrl- or alt- key combo to any editor command or macro. Macro language is Rexx. Free help here for anyone wanting to learn Rexx or X2. And the Rexx and X2 fora are full of GREAT people.

    The and X2 are different from notepad et. al. in that they treat files as arrays, not as continued lines. The difference is that they are natively like vusual mode vi.


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    I use g edit which comes automatically with Ubuntu.

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    I don't install software from the command line, I find it easier to use my package manager but Leafpad is pretty much identical to notepad. Mousepad would be a better option if you're already using Xfce. If a tabbed editor would suit you better check out gedit (I really love it) and for a Wordpad analog try Abiword. Of course Wordpad is a crippled word app that MS provides to enable folks to read files created by MS Word while Abiword is a full featured word app which can also view and edit MS Word files (among many others). I like it because it's lighter and faster than Open Office Writer. I wouldn't be without the Open Office suite but if I want to write a letter or print out some song lyrics I prefer working with Abiword (started using it with version .7 on Win98 - loved it then too but it sure was buggy).

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    I rolled my own using qt creator, took about 10 minutes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by littlebigman View Post
    ....Do you know if anyone has written a Notepad-like editor for Linux, or are the above still what people use?...

    On Ubuntu Linux, Notepad++ installs and runs nicely under "wine"...

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    gedit isn't so bad. If you're looking specifically for command-line editors vi or emacs would make sense, maybe cat?

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    Try nedit (Nirvana editor) !

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    I can no longer edit my original post, but since I was talking about "vi", I didn't think about specifying that I was looking for a command-line-based alternative, not an X-based editor.

    Ideally, I'd like an EDIT.COM clone with easy, graphical block copy/pasting instead of ^KB^KK^KC, but I can live with this. When I want a more user-friendly solution, I can always grab files through Samba or WinSCP, and edit them with Windows editors.

    Thank you all.

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