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    playerum ...
    If your main reason for doing this is peformance then follow ozar's links and install a WM and just start that session.
    If your main reason is security then search for 'kiosk linux' you will find guides for configuring Ubuntu to do this as well.
    Entries in .xinitrc and .bashrc will allow you to setup applications and whether to start X on a user by user basis ... for Debian and Ubuntu I think you need to also rename Sxxgdm to Kxxgdm to prevent gdm from starting ... not sure if this is all you need to do for the latest version of Ubuntu.
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    If you're looking for a light distro: For what it's worth, I have CRUX on an eee pc 701 that does almost exactly what you are talking about. CRUX is a very minimal distro that you build up yourself with openbox as the default WM. When I power it on, it is configured to connect to the nearest available wireless network. The Slim login utility is set to auto_login openbox, then SwiftFox fires up at full screen. That's all it does. There are no other "GUI" apps available.
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    Tanks, i'll study all this possibilities.

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    Hi, it works!

    In Slackware 13.1, i created /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.browser (attached file), then choose it with xwmconfig, when i execute startx, it loads the browser.

    In Debian 5.05 i renamed the xinitrc.browser to .xinitrc and put it in the user home. I configured debian to text mode to use the startx.

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