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    [SOLVED] Where are the special key mapping saved?

    I have them working on debian, but not on arch linux (same PC).

    I've found several how-to's, but the "problem" is that all the ones I've found up to now involve using xmodmap. I'm not radically opposed to that, but, with debian, for some reason, I don't need it. I don't have a Xmodmap file, and yet, the special keys have their "names", instead of NoSymbol (on xev). Anyone knows where the settings are, whenever one does not use xmodmap?

    To make things weirder I've tried to create a Xmodmap to use with arch from debian, but it get the names all wrong, for some reason. (I used xmodmap -pke > .Xmodmap). I guess that whatever debian does, it has nothing to do with xmodmap then.

    But I think it may not be possible. Besides not using xmodmap, on debian I have the correct keyboard layout set without having any command (well, at least not on my openbox startup script... it could be somewhere along all those "deeper" startup scripts, on /etc/rc.#/, I guess... I'm going to check there now), while on arch I have a "setxkbmap" on my openbox startup script.
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    I may have had, but I was actually looking for where the configuration files might be. But doesn't matter. I'll just set up it to be handled by UDEV with both, as it is the preferable way these days, according to what I've been reading. Or, just set Arch this way, and leave debian as it is, since it's working anyway, depending of how much work it implies.


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