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Thread: noobie Help

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    noobie Help

    Have windows home server at mo but got told about linux downloaded from but have no clue what to do now

    Im using my server to stream and share files I have 2x PS3 2 computers running vista would the above download also do this

    Is there a easy tutorial as im new to linux

    Also if i install linux over whs would all the data on the server be lost

    Thanks in advance

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    IMO there isn't a quick and dirty howto to learn all about linux
    There is very good manual for ubuntu located at: Ubuntu Manual - Home

    You want to set up a linux server for NFS/Samba sharing, you can try that specific how to, but i'm not so sure it will be enough.

    Good luck

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    Have windows home server at mo
    It help if you spell out words, saves time in the end. I have no idea what "mo"means in this context?

    You need to be more specific about what you want. Stream and share files to whom/how? To windows cptrs on a LAN? internet web site?

    Also if i install linux over whs would all the data on the server be lost
    Does "whs" mean windows?? Installing Linux on the same partitions you currently have windows on will overwrite windows and obviously, the revere is also true? There is no reason you cannot install Linux on different partitions than windows and set it up and learn to use it while keeping your current sytem. A matter of how much hardware space you have.

    It would help us to help you if you provided more details on what you have and exactly what your intentions are. I believe CentOS and Opensuse would be better choices for servers but that is opinion and based on the fact they are designed for that specific purpose and have been around much longer.

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