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    Thumbs down How to change color brightness from unix terminal......

    accidentally I raised my brightness to 100% so I couldn't see anything...
    My battery died before I could fix it with tab or something else....
    now I can't fix it....
    because I can't see anything..
    Is there a way to adjust color brightness through my unix terminal.....?

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    I can set the brightness on my Laptop with the CLI.
    For that I search in /proc/acpi/video...
    until I find a file called "brightness".

    Then I do
    cat brightness
    and it prints the values it accepts.
    10 20 30 40 ... 90 100
    Finally, I echo the brightness level I wish to that file.
    echo "20" > brightness
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    Hello and Welcome!

    Another suggestion would be to use keyboard shortcuts... manage to find your way to the preferences pane.

    Open a Terminal, hit 'Alt+e'... then 'o'
    This should open your profile preferences pane. You'll want to go to the 'Background' tab and set it accordingly.

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    Remember guys I'm talking color brightness and I accidentally changed it from my catalyst control center.....
    I don't think if I change the system's color brightness to 0% my overalll color brightness =%50 cause %100 + %0/2 but I'm not about to risk anything...
    I managed to open it but didn't know how to reach the color part.....

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    Maybe the aticonfig tool is of help. The Display attribute sections looks promising.
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    Do not use ATI myself, but generally all settings in Linux are stored in some config file. User-level config files are stored in home directory. How about efiting that file? If this fails, removing ATI conf file will certainly reset it to defaults.

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