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    getting atomic built-in function on gcc3.4

    According to "", gcc 4.3 supports atomic built-in function
    "GCC can now use load-linked, store-conditional and sync instructions to implement atomic built-in functions such as __sync_fetch_and_add"

    However, I am still using gcc 3.4 on my Redhat EL4. How do I get this built-in function installed?

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    By upgrading GCC, and glibc, and your Linux possibly.

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    You can install gcc 4.4 on EL5. I don't know about EL4 however. Check in your yum repository to see if it is listed. You can have any number of gcc versions installed on your system at once. I have 2.95, 3.4, 4.1, 4.4, and I just finished building and installing the latest, 4.5.1. My default is still 4.1, but I will probably change that to 4.4 since as you noted it has some good enhancements. 4.5.1 is the latest "bleading edge" compiler suite only released in the past few weeks. It took me a full day to build and test all the parts of it on my 8-core 3GHz E5450 system using the 4.4 compiler.
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