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    [SOLVED] comments, mac keyboard

    I have a MacBook but cannot type a hash/sharp/pound sign while in VI on it. On the Mac keyboard alt-3 has always been this key but it doesn't work in VI. I'm having to copy and paste the symbol, which is a real pain. Does anybody know a solution?

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    What do you get when you press shift-3?
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    the GBP currency sign.

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    Ah, sorry. Perhaps it's the wrong forum. I think it's an issue with the Mac terminal with a UK keyboard rather than VI. The # key doesn't seem to be available. I think the only way is to cut and paste it.

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    If this is an X terminal you could use a custom keymap and redefine your keys to your liking.

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    Thank you. I don't understand about custom keymaping but it prompted me to go to the terminal settings, I unclicked the 'use option as a meta key' and it solved the problem. What a relief, thanks. I should have thought of looking at the settings before.

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