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    Question [SOLVED] Slowing down fan in MSI MS-7418?


    This little Atom-based unit works fine with Linux, but its fan is running at full-speed all the time.

    So I figured maybe lm_sensors could ajust its speed dynamically, but "sensors", "fancontrol", and "pwmconfig" all fail to work, even though the modules required for this motherboard are up and running:

    # dpkg -L lm-sensors
    # cat /etc/modules
    # Generated by sensors-detect on Sun Sep  5 13:24:20 2010
    # I2C adapter drivers
    # lsmod
    Module                  Size  Used by
    i2c_dev                 6500  0
    i2c_i801                9420  0
    # sensors
    No sensors found!
    Make sure you loaded all the kernel drivers you need.
    Try sensors-detect to find out which these are.
    # fancontrol
    File /var/run/ exists, is fancontrol already running?
    # pwmconfig
    File /var/run/ exists. This typically means that the
    fancontrol deamon is running. You should stop it before running pwmconfig.
    If you are certain that fancontrol is not running, then you can delete
    /var/run/ manually.
    Any help appreciated,
    Thank you.

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    Well, the problem is likely indicated by the results of the 'sensors' command, to wit "No sensors found!". It is possible that the temperature sensors on the mobo for this system are not supported by Linux, or at least your distribution, which is what, BTW? Without measurable sensor output, the system has to run the fan at full speed as a precaution.
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    Thanks for the into. It's Ubuntu 9.10. I'll run htop and see if it's due to some specific application.

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