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    acpid problem acer ao751h

    I own an acer ao751h netbook.I'm running karmic ubuntu.I had some problems with the intel gma500 graphic chipset like i couldn't get native resolution (1366x76 and couldn't get the suspend to work.I found a nice thread online that help me fix these problems.But i still had the battery issue,specifically the only way to see your battery status was to plug in to ac.So if i hadn't had my charger with me i couldnt see my remaining battery.I even tried
    acpi -b
    but that didn't work.Today i found out that when booting up on battery and running
    . /proc/acpi/battery/BAT1/state
    would make my battery icon appear again.So i made a script that uses that and put it in the end of
    that worked ...but when i have my netbook plugged in and then unplug it,it seems that the battery it fully charged and the state script won't work anymore,that is the /proc/acpi/battery/BAT1/state).i think that somehow when it goes in battery mode the battery status still a noob i cant figure it out so i really appreciate another there acpid relevant documentation somewhere online?
    thanks in advance

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    Remember, FC13 is "bleeding edge". Not everything works as expected...

    You have worked out a lot of stuff to get this problem sorted out. Unfortunately, I don't use FC, but either RHEL (CentOS) or Ubuntu. I've never had a problem with Ubuntu's power management (battery) tools, so I am sort of clueless here... Sorry.
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