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    unable to install java / adobe flash player/ vuze on fedora?

    I am unable to install fedora in linux fedora ver 10.
    I have the java.bin in my download directory but unable to run the self extractor file.
    Also unable to follow this install java .html file
    How do I download and install Java for my Linux computer ?

    How can I install java simply on my computer?

    For flash player I can download the file but unable to run/execute it?

    Also unable to install or download Vuze bit torrent on fedora, it gives me missing codec error msg,

    Any help appreciated?
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    fedora 10 is old and unsupported, you should upgrade to latest version 13 unless you have specific reason not to

    in any case, you should be able to download java RPM from sun website and install with rpm command, flash player is simply extract and put in plugin folder for mozilla (usually /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins)

    as for vuze, there are many better bt applications for linux, such as transmission, ktorrent

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    unable to extract ISO fedora 13 file?

    Thanks for your reply I tried to download fedora 13 but I am unable to extract iso file due to unavailable tools on fedora 10 installed at moment?
    Is there any link to download upgrade version directly on fed 10 not .iso or any other formats???

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    You shouldn't need to extract the iso, just burn it to a CD (as an iso) and a bootable CD will be created. You can then install Fedora 13 from that. Remember to back up any data before doing this and also remember to verify that the backup worked.

    Speaking from experience, having the smugness and sense of security that comes from having a backup destroyed by trying to restore from a backup that has never worked is an even worse feeling than losing data when you have no backup!
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    Burning an iso

    This is an ubuntu guide but applicable to burning an iso of any distro.

    A Fedora 13 install guide and instructions on getting non-free multimedia support. Obviously you don't have to install everything they suggest as their is a lot of redundancy in their application choices.

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