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    Question Where do I install GRUB on a quad boot install on Macbook Pro

    Hello all

    I'm new to this site & I look forward to keeping upto date with all the latest info in the Linux world, not to mention making new pals along the way.

    I'm glad to see another Linux forum site, I have so many unanswered questions.

    so here goes, as the title says.

    This is a follow on post to one I made on another site regarding a QUAD boot on a Macbook Pro.

    This is my 2nd attempt.

    As I followed this thread:

    If anyone can quickly have a look & see if the instructions here make sense, as I've been through it a few times & there are a few question marks regarding the Unbuntu installation settings (HD0,2) in particular.

    Basically I'm back to the point where I've installed all 4 operating systems again by doing the following.

    I installed Mac OSX 1st.

    2nd UNBUNTU ULTIMATE, at this point there were 2 icons on the rEFIt boot page, Mac & Linux, which was good.

    3rd WIN 7, now Linux icon disappeared?

    Last WIN XP to finalise, now showing only 3 boot icons.

    However on the rEFIt boot menu I can only see 3 boot icons, the LINUx/UNBUNTU has disappeared again.

    At this point Mac OSX, Win 7 & Win XP all Boot correctly,no problems from the rEFIt boot menu.

    So I went back to the original installation thread & read some more posts etc & now I am going to install UNBUNTU yet again, with some different settings this time.

    Going back to the initial install, I chose DEV/SDA 6 as the SWAP file, but at the BEGINNING & DEV/SDA 7 as the EXT 3 system file at the END.

    With the advanced setting for the boot loader to be installed at DEV/SDA (main HD root).

    Now coming back to my re installation of Unbuntu,I've gone through all the partition settings & I have partition DEV/SDA 7 as the EXT3 for all the system files, but this TIME at the BEGINNING & DEV/SDA 6 as the SWAP FILE, but SET to the END - See pic

    I'm quite happy & confident about those settings & sizes & orientation in the partition table.

    The SWAP FILE being at the END so as to enable HIBERNATION if need be.

    In the advanced section, I'm asked the BIG QUESTION where do I install the BOOT LOADER to ???

    If I didn't choose the Advanced tab & chose to install, where would the BOOT loader be installed anyway?

    Thinking carefully about how the other operating systems work, It would make sense to have the BOOT LOADER installed with the system files, as do the the other operating systems.

    Is it DEV/SDA 7 - Where the System files are going ?

    Or is there a (HD0,???) setting which EQUATES or RELATES to DEV/SDA 7?

    I'm holding off from installing until I know for sure, as good as it may be, Unbuntu has a weird install procedure.

    When its installed correctly, I will see the 4 boot icons on the rEFIt boot menu.

    Please only reply if you KNOW, as I'm not going to risk installing again for it to mess up the rest of the installations.

    Its a bit of a long starter thread, hope fully someone on here can advise me on the correct setting.

    Thanks in advance.
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