Hi all,

I'm new here as I cut my Linux teeth on Ubuntu and learned much from Ubuntu forums. I have become quite hooked on linux over the last 6 months and have tried my hand at 7 or 8 different distros.

I have (finally) become comfortable with the terminal and am ready to set myself a new challenge - to build my own Linux from scratch. I do have one slight problem - I have a cheap old Emac that I use for work, and a net book. The Emac runs Ubuntu with fluxbox and the netbook linux mint. Obviously the Emac will benefit most from a diy system as it is the most starved of resources.

I've been researching around and it sounds like my best bet is to follow LFS to build a basic system on my intel laptop first to learn the basics (and not-so-basics), then when I have worked through that, build the system for the Emac - one problem at a time?

I was wondering if i then have to use the CLFS book to build my system on the notebook, or if I can use LFS to build my 2nd system on the Emac itself (powerPC architecture) or if there is another resource that will let me do this, as it is obviously much easier to work on a desktop than a netbook! I know this is all a way off as I'm just planning at the minute, But I'd just like to have it all clear in my head.

Thank you all in advance and even if you don't know, any lessons you have learned from building a 'Linux From Scratch' system would be greatly appreciated!