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    Lightbulb distro hardware support and performance in 3d graphics

    Hello all!
    im just wondering if theres a better distro for my purposes.
    im thinking ubuntu but im not experienced with linux..
    i will use it mainly for realtime 3d graphics and games as well as 2d art and audio production, good if i can also use for multimedia..
    i cant find for sure which ones will support all my hardware.
    i have:
    asus p6t mobo
    i7 950
    gtx 470
    gtx 295
    12gb tri channel 1600 mhz ram
    auzentech x-fi forte
    2x lg 23" monitor
    dell 30" monitor
    logitech z5500
    intuos 3
    cybersnipa sonar headset

    ubuntu uses debian real time kernel? would be good for audio from what i gather,
    gentoo is good but prob not for a noob so im wondering if ubuntu would be good for my system and purposes or if theres a better possibility.

    Thanks for any ideas

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    Any of the latest releases from the major distros should be fine. It's up to your preferences. Hardware support is mostly comparable between the major distros. The biggest difference being whether a distro includes any support for non-free drivers. Ubuntu is relatively lax on this compared to, say, Fedora, which is very strict.

    But none of them provide the proprietary Nvidia driver out of the box, which you will need for 3D acceleration. Ubuntu probably makes it the easiest to install, since they have a dedicated program to helping with that, but it's not that difficult in any distro.

    You'll also probably want a 64 bit distro, given your RAM.

    Anyway, I would test out a couple of different distros and see what you like.

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    ok thanks for the info, i was most likely going for ubuntu studio 64, might also try studio 64, dont know about mint..seems not as good..
    mabe other debian build??
    ill check some out, but i cant download anything that size right now...
    so it looks alright for drivers and most the software i want to use is available or better in linux anyways

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    Mint is almost exactly Ubuntu with some tweaks and in house tools added. All in all it should perform pretty much exactly like Ubuntu. It provides non-free multimedia support out of the box, which some folks like. Install a realtime kernel will be the same as in Ubuntu, though, which is to say, you install the linux-rt package.

    Linux Audio Studio: Setting up a Realtime Kernel in Linux Mint 8

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