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    what is a linux driver?

    After downloading a driver & unzipping I found it ended in .exe if the driver is to run in linux what file format should it have?



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    Post a link to the file. Is this for a printer?

    Unless you go into System files nothing to my knowledge should end in exe. with Linux. Not even RPM files have a exe extension. Bin is in the name for these which stand for binary (Machine) language. I think that Linux Drivers are either written in script "Bash" or are basically a configuration file which gives a another program "variables" to plug into its code. You probably have something that is meant for windows. Linux stuff usually comes packaged in a tar file and not a zip file. If you post exactly what and where you got this file it would make it a fast and a easy question to answer.

    A Driver allows your O.S to stay the same but the hardware can change . Its more compatible and easier to change a small program that is in between your O.S and your hardware than to get a hardware manufacturer to build something for and exact architecture. It's like and adapter.

    This info is off the top of my head but should be accurate enough to get you started. You should also state what kind of hardware you are trying to use. There are sights that specialize in printer drivers for linux and list that tell which printers are currently usable.

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    Linux distros detect and configure most of the Hardware and you don't have to install any driver for those. There are a few exceptions like Graphics and Wireless Cards.

    For which Hardware are you trying to install driver?
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    siemens gigaset USB adapter 11

    Many thanks for the response unfortunately this is second worst case scenario,
    Itís now working and I have no idea what Iíve done!

    I previously tried installing Ubuntu but backtracked after a message stating the machine needed a bios update. After some digging ( google: linux +old pc) I now have crunchbang installed and running Ė but no www connection (at first).

    To connect to the wifi Iím using a (donít laugh) Ďsiemens gigaset USB adapter 11í which I bought on ebay £2 and worked almost ok with XP.

    Last nightís browsing led me to these two pages (I'm blocked from posting the links but the title included), I think the instructions on the first site helped identify what was inside the wireless LAN & search for this found the driver.


    My second thought is just leaving the usb wireless LAN plugged in after restarting has enabled connections to be made.

    Next is the graphics card!


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