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    Need help about making a project

    Hello, recently I got an idea about a project I need to finish in 9 months and I need your help in realizing it. My idea is about working with linux operating system on vmware. Currently the only way to pass information from my computer to the operating system which is running on my vmware is by inserting a virtual disk which is an iso file and mounting it. My project will create a server to which both the operating system on my vmware and my computer will connect, and that server will allow sharing information between them, and in that way I will be able to connect to my computer from my virtual operating system easily and pass information between them without having to use any program to create iso files and mounting them to the debian linux that is running on my vmware.
    My questions are:
    1) Is that possible for an 18 year old guy with an average knowledge in computer science to study and make that project in 9 months?
    2) What materials do I have to read to do it?
    3) What is the best language for me to write it in? (I'm not sure if I'm supposed to write it in a language like C or like Perl/Bash because I am really a newbie in this).
    Thanks in advance!

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    1. Yes, maybe.
    2. A lot - don't expect to get much free time for awhile...
    3. You will have several major components to program
    - server (linux side)
    - client libraries (api's) (linux and windows)
    - client applications (linux and windows)

    On #1 I say maybe because this is pretty complex stuff, with several possible approaches, each with tradeoffs such as complexity, difficulty, performance. A lot depends upon how much you know about Windows and Linux internals, device drivers, C/C++ programming, etc. If you are a complete newbie to these subjects, then you are not likely to succeed, though at this point it would be difficult to say. In any case, your first step would be to identify a couple of possible approaches to the problem and then assess the difficulty in accomplishing them.

    FWIW, I've done things of a similar level of difficulty, but when I did them I already had 10+ years programming experience. However, I was able to prototype such systems in 3-4 months using a high-level object-oriented language such as SmallTalk, including the time required to learn the language well enough to code the results. That prototype was then used to build a commercially successful framework in C++, which took another 6 months to get into beta production, again including time to learn the C++ language well enough to do so.

    In any case, allocate 70% of your time to design, prototyping, and mastering the language of choice - probably C in this case. The downside here is that you need to learn and understand system-level programming API's and possibly device driver programming for two very different operating systems.
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    At the momment I don't have a lot of knowledge but I am a good self learner. The problem is that since I am a newbie I don't know what materials exactly should I read or what should I search in google. I have basic knowledge about programming and operating systems and I also learned about making a server but I learned it only on .NET framework on C#... The only help I want from this forum for now is to give me the names of the books or anything which will help me in my particular project.
    Thanks in advance and thanks for your helpfull comment.

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    1) Not sure, you should really work hard
    2) I suggest you to first choose your language, than, learn socket programming with that language.
    3) I would suggest you to use C or C++ which is similar to C#. You may have difficulties to run .Net on a linux machine, so, it would be clever to use something more common.

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    Thanks for the help, but I will really appriciate it if someone would give me materials/subjects I should read to accomplish my target. I'm really a newbie and I'm having a hard time finding the right materials...

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    Actually, I just gave it to you.

    You need to learn C and socket programming. You may find hundreds of books titled "Socket Programming with C" on internet

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    Oh I thought there is more. Anyway thanks a lot for your help! I'll start reading it and planning my project. If there is some other member with something helpfull to say I'll appriciate it too

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    Pardon me, I think I don't understand the question...
    You want to build a server to exchange files between host and guest without resorting to an .iso?

    Are you not just building a fileserver?
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    I don't really know the difference... But yeah I want to build a server to exchange files so it will work just like I download and upload stuff to the internet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DroidFighter
    I don't really know the difference... But yeah I want to build a server to exchange files so it will work just like I download and upload stuff to the internet.
    And you want to build this from scratch?

    'cuz the way I read it you could use existing technology and be done with it before you can say SMB, NFS, SSHFS or, indeed, FTP.
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