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Thread: Small Linux OS

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    Small Linux OS

    Hi, iv been looking around at the different Linux systems particularity the smaller ones such as DSL, Slax and Puppy Linux. However i need a Linux distribution that doesn't have a GUI desktop environment just the plain old terminal to work on. The system would have to be able to boot from a USB drive also. If anyone knows a systems that fits those requirements or something else related please post. Also what file system is best for USB drives for booting systems? thanks.

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    Hello and welcome!

    You can find some command line only distros here:

    Mini Linux - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Here are a number from the Linux Foundation that can be run as live CD/DVD/USB systems. You can run many of these with a command-line instead of a GUI interface as well. LiveCD |
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    I recently cam across pipsqueek -- here: and here

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    Run Level

    You should be able to run just about any distro from a lower run level.
    Run level 5 is the level which uses a graphical window manager, and run level 3 will provide multi-user mode with a command line interface.
    You will probably find the configuration file in /etc/inittab but make sure you have run level 3 in /etc/rc.d/rc#.d (where # is the run level).

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