Iam setting up a radius server in my local network , i have installed free radius for this. The users will be connected to server throgh pppoe connection. I have configured everything and everything seems to works properly except these 2 .

1) If a connecttion gets broken up then radius server is npt able to detect that connection is gone and the user is not able to connect againg for 30 -35 mins as the multiple logins are disable.

To make it more clear, suppose a person is connected to my server through lan but du to some reason the lan network was down for 5 to 10 which will result in disconnection in the client side but as server is up and runnig the server is not able to recgnize that the user is ang and mark that user as logged out.

Please help as iam on a wireless network such cases occur very frequently and i need to solve this problem.

2) whenever i gives max-mb limit of a user in database b/w 3 to 4 gb then that particular user is not able to connect to the server. But when i change to 2gb or greater than 5 gb it works properly.

Please help me..