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    Which distrubution, is it save?

    Hey guys,

    I'm quite new to Linux, we did some things it school but really not alot and I forgot most of it again But I'm doing a school as an Application Developer, so I should learn fast (I hope )

    I want to build a server with 3 major tasks:

    - A Proxy Server, which I can reach from anywhere so I can bypass blocks from school etc.
    I heard about squid proxy, is this a good choice ?

    - A FTP Server, which I can also reach from anywhere, so basically for file sharing
    My choice there would be "Very Secure FTP Deamon". The Wikipedia article said it is very secure and easy to set up but there are still 1000 of possibilities to extend it.

    - A Samba Server for my local sharing.
    This probably doesn't make a lot sense to have a ftp and samba server but this is more to get some experience with this stuff.

    So is it actually possible to build a server with all these 3 tasks ? And the more important question: is it safe ? I guess I'll have to do some port-forwarding to make it reachable from anywhere.

    And which distrubution would you recommend me ?

    I hope you guys can and will help me out

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    Hi TC,
    Have you checked out the forum rules? I'm thinking in particular of rule #3. Here it is:
    3. No posts regarding illegal activities (cracking, warez, etc)
    What do you think?

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    Hello and Welcome!

    While you might not be looking to get into cracking, exactly, I would agree that we can't really help you bypass your schools security protocols.
    They have them in place for a reason. Should you have a legitimate reason for needing around those measures, I would suggest speaking with the IT folks at your school.

    New users, read this first.
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    I do not respond to private messages asking for Linux help. Please keep it on the public boards.

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    Hey ,

    thanks for your answers.

    I wouldn't consider that as illegal, I probably won't use it alot anyways.It's more to learn some new things, but okay. But you still could tell me if it is possible to have that 3 in 1 combination and tell if the other 2 (FTP and Samba) is save ?

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    having all those things is possible, and FTP and SMB are 2 completely different protocols with 2 completely different reasons

    I would not allow SMB share access over the web, but that is just me

    FTP is pretty commonly used over the web, just make sure the accounts set up are restricted and have strong passwords

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