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Thread: crontab help

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    crontab help

    Hi I am very new to linux. I want to run a cronjob every 15 minutes that checks a directory for files. If the directory contains more than ten files I want it to send an email to me.

    All I have is this...

    */15 * * * * ls -l | wc -l | [filename] | mail -s "This is just a test" [email address]

    I would rather not write a bash script. Is there an easier way to do this? I was looking into some commands like find and grep

    Could somone show me an example?


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    That is not as you want but it may be help
    HowTo: Add Jobs To cron Under Linux or UNIX?
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    what do you mean you don't want to write a bash script? what do you think cronjob does and how it runs? it is basically a shell script, but it can run anything from there

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