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    foreign characters and strange translation


    In this case its the french accented e that is getting translated:

    [test]$ touch édd
    touch: cannot touch `\351dd': No such file or directory

    the thing is the folder test is an smb mount. The windows server which is dropping files into it is able to make the file visible but the app running on the linux can't fetch it because the name is 'unexpected'

    if I create a file anywhere else e.g. in /tmp/ with the name résponse.txt it is fine. When I ls I see r?sponse.

    Can you advise me if I should be looking at the smb config AND the host config and give me some pointers as to where to get started trying to solve this.

    Many thanks

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    It's probably a matter of UTF8 vs Unicode conversion issues. Windows uses Unicode exclusively for internationalization, whereas the default for Linux is UTF8. This is why you can touch it in /tmp, but not in the shared CIFS folder (I assume you are using the CIFS mount type for the Windows share).
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    Thanks for your input guys.
    I'm told that the change has been made according to the link to the ubuntu thread and I've pasted out of /etc/fstab here:

    //s-vpup-01.xxxx.yyyy/SSSS /srv/ecm/xforms cifs uid=dmadmin,gid=dmadmin,credentials=/etc/cifspw,domain=yyyy,iocharset=utf8 0 0
    I dont have root access but when root logs in the file name is ok.
    When I log in as me it doesn't. It also doesn't when I su - to the application owner trying to access the file.

    The LC_* variables are set to "en_US.UTF-8" have been sourced the same as root user has but this has not made any difference.

    Due to the above, I'm told its environmental but I'm out of ideas as to where else to look to discover what makes root different from other users in terms of variables.

    Many thanks in advance for the help given and anything further that can be added.



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