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    Best Config

    Hello there, my name is Gary. I've been reading all over the web and trying to find an answer to my questions. I've just started working with linux, and decided based on my friends that CentOS or Ubuntu were my best bet to use. My friends really recommended me to using CentOS since it's based of Red Hat. My questions may seem silly or just plain out retarded, but I figured I'd ask here so I can get some further info. I understand networking decently through windows but linux, HA!, it's a new world to me. With the set up, I do have 3 drives in the server, so I made sure to set my partitioning up versus installing as a LVM because the first time, it seemed to make the unit run slow as a dead guy driving. My main thing for this is using Samba, and the web server settings. It's not for a business of any sort, just me learning and using it for a file/print server and have a little web site on the back end that I can use for testing. Security is not a requirement as it doesn't get seen by the internet and it's only me and my wife and the occasional friend that comes by and needs to print something off. My main goal today is get the shares set up which I have read how to do that but I want them controlled where I can log in to the server with out a username or password and see the shares but have some access control. Like I don't want my friend coming here, accessing what I have in a storage folder but I can. Now on the other side I would like for it to have a my documents folder right in there, assigned to the user on the server it self. I guess my best way to put it is, is there a way to use the "security = share" and still have it ask for a username and password as needed? Because I have 1 share set up and was playing with it. I set it to read only and then have a group set up as the write list and it still stops me from writing to it and doesn't ask me who I am to determine if I can write to it. Any links, answers, and/or direction to the answer would be much appreciated, to help with my ugly ignorance on this.


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    You want to be able to log in and do stuff without giving a username or password, but you don't want anyone else to be able to? I'm not sure how that would work. The server doesn't use voice or face recognition, I'm sure, so how would authentication be done without a username/password?

    If a share is read-only, the there is no way for anyone to write to it. If you set it as owned by you, you can set it to only be writable by you, and not by anyone else, but you have to set an initial login to the system for you. Once you're logged in, you don't have to provide any other authentication to write, but you have to log in sometime.

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    Well, maybe I worded it wrong or something, but I know right now I have share level access after playing with it, and it asks me to login when I go to access that share. There are a few shares I'd like to be able to be "Read Only" by the guests but "Writable" by the admin/write list group. Is there something I'm missing about that? According to it should work that way. When write list is active that the assumed action is "read only" when not part of the write list. I'm so lost.

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    You need to set the modes correctly. Open Nautilus, and go to the share you want to change. Right-click, select Properties, and then go to the Permissions tab. Set it so that only the owner can write. Make sure the owner is you. That should do what you want, making it read/write for you, read-only for everyone else.

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    So Samba will just use the directory mask set by linux without setting read list or write list? If that's the case how will it know it's me when I go in. I'm not "mounting" the drives in windows or is that the only way the system will know its me if guest access is enabled?

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    So I've read more, and sad to say, I'm not going to be able to get it the way I want so, I figured what I'd do is go back to user security and on each machine that needs a share, add a batch file to make it connect and mount the drive if the server is up and active. Now comes a problem with 1 of my shares, which is, with the config I set up, it refuses to allow access to the owner of the share much less any one else. I've used valid user = %U,%u,%S and the actual user, and off all 4 only the user works. I've even added root to the list to see if it would work for giggles and I get either "Access Denied" or "Multiple connections or users" error which the drive is not mapped of any sort. It makes no sense. Here is a snip of the code for "My Documents":

    [My Documents]
    	guest ok = no
    	comment = %u's Documents
    	valid users = $S
    	writeable = yes
    	path = /private/user/%u
    Mind you this is not the home directories, as I don't want to have the homes associated with my documents. This is another drive mount in the server. I'm running CentOS 5.5 64bit. Samba version is 3.0.33-3.29.el5_5.1. Everything else seems to be ok, still haven't quite got the script for the computers made but that's because this isn't working yet. Any suggestions?

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