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    Combining Multiple .xls Spreadsheets into one document

    Hi there fellow comrades,

    I would like to ask your help with something. I have multiple .xls documents that are formatted as such,

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <?mso-application Excel.Sheet?>

    They are all given different filenames bob_smells.xls, nancy_smells_worse.xls etc. I was wondering using Linux (LUbuntu specifically), would it be possible to combine all of these worksheets into one document, with each of the seperate files becoming a tab / sheet within the one file (And the name reflecting the original name of the document) ?

    Iíve googled and looked for a couple of hours but couldnít find anything.

    I greatly appreciate your time and consideration.


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    Are you talking about using Open Office? If so, just open all the documents you want to merge as well as an empty spreadsheet which will get all the data. Then, for each open sheet you want to transfer data from, click on a tab in the target sheet, click on the tab in the source sheet that you want to transfer, and just drag and drop it into the target sheet. I just tried this out with MS Office 2007 spreadsheets and it works just fine. It will rename the tabs for you if there is a name conflict.
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    "with each of the seperate files becoming a tab / sheet within the one file" is the catch.

    Otherwise use PERL concat command after first converting to csv files of equal number of columns, then convert back.

    Or one could write a script in PERL, possibly -- glad I don't do spreadsheets anymore!

    So, no (not that I would know bash is capable of it, tho -- If homework, I LOL! -- one week late).

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