Hi Guys,
i'm really new to Linux, so sorry for any dumb question...
i'm trying to create a new user in my system which will activate a signal to one of my processes and exit.
so to begin with, i tried just to change the login script of a user. i called the user debug, add it through the "adduser" command, and defined the -s option to be /bin/nur.sh (onstead of default /bin/sh). my nur.sh script only toch a file so i can see that something happens.
so, i see my user at /etc/passwd but when trying to login i get permission denied.
i chmod my nur.sh to 705, and actually don't know what else to do
i am surly doing something worng... but what???
(btw, defining the same user with /bin/sh works fine - getinto the system)

please help!!!!